Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Embrace the Camera}

Thursdays are usually my day to just relax, with nowhere to go until after lunch, we all just usually stay in our pajamas.

So today you get a picture of me raw, with no makeup (not that rare), and my hair up in a hurried pony tail and in my jammies.
I was just trying to block the sun from my eyes, but kind of liked the way it turned out

And then Princess came to get in the pictures too

if you want to read more about, or join the {Embrace the Camera} movement  you can go here.

Day 6

(I love, love, love her face in this one!)


  1. I love your photos..too cute....and I love your blog..I just started running about 6 months ago..I have yet to buy new running shoes! Mine are from the thrift shop! Some day I'll get a new pair!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! You HAVE to get new running shoes, they make all the difference in the world, especially if you are running long distances.

    Thanks Amber, they are a favorite around here too.

  3. oh, i love that you called it the embrace the camera "movement"...sound so profesh. :)

    love your pictures!

  4. She is so going to value these precious pictures of her with her beautiful mommy. Make-up shmake-up!

  5. adorable and quite beautiful sans makeup!


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