Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Takeover

When your kid goes to school they get sent home with papers, lots of papers.

When you have FIVE kids you get to multiply those papers by FIVE

From Hosea and Micah's alphabet pages and hand print papers


Avrah's handwriting pages


Judah's tests and quizzes

Anyway you get the point lots of papers.

They were taking over, until I came up with

The Homework Folder

Each kid has their own folder

and after I look at their papers they put them in their folder

The idea is for Mr. Vargas to look at with each child and then at his discretion he can throw them away or save them.

(This doesn't always happen as he has class a couple nights a week, but that is the idea)

What is your way of keeping all your papers in check?

Day 59


  1. I'm drowning in paper. And only 3 are in school right now. And the oldest 2 are not very reliable about bringing stuff home. I may have to try this though!


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