Saturday, February 19, 2011

Longing for a Lazy Saturday

Today I did some very much needed spring cleaning.

Anyone who has mobile children knows that trying to clean while they are awake is pretty useless.

I spent all morning working on Avrah's room and the big boys worked on their room, but while we were doing that, Avrah and the babies were wrecking the rest of the house.

At one point they someone got a hold of a blue sharpie marker.

Does anyone know how to get blue sharpie off of a toddler?

They decided to draw on each other...

and on my desk.

Day 50


  1. Hairspray or windex on the desk. The toddler? Hmmm... wasn't it Dana who had that happen? Maybe she can give you some tips. This should definitely be in the MOMs handbook!


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