Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok so this may be a strange topic for  a blog,

Here is how it started. I was putting my little guys to bed at nap time and Hosea hit his leg on his bed rail, he didn't hit it hard but just hard enough to need some attention for it. So we rolled up his pant leg and I had to kiss his knee, but of course if there isn't an actual owie you have a hard time knowing where exactly to kiss. I picked the wrong spot and had to give him a couple more before I found the right owie spot.

All that to say

look at these cute knees

before they get all scarred up with the hard knocks of life

even princess knees are kind of cute, with a few scrapes

because before too long they will get bigger

and for some reason my Mommy kisses will lose their effectiveness, and will no longer be able to make all the owies feel better.

One day they will all be grown like their Daddy and won't need me to fix their boo boos anymore.

But until then I'm just going to enjoy these baby (yes I know they are almost THREE!) knees

Day 60


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