Friday, February 18, 2011

(play)Date With (girl)Friends

Today I took the babies to play with their girlfriends.

Maya, Camille, Hosea, Micah

It has been way too long since they have seen each other.

These girls are also Identical twins (as if you couldn't tell by looking) and they are two weeks older than my boys.

Their momma and I decided we were going to go ahead and arrange their marriage, because wouldn't it be cool to have ID twins marry ID twins.

The only question is who goes with who?

Hosea and Camille have similar personalities (and now scars on/above their eye) and Micah and Maya have similar personalities.

However we can't decide if we should put the two that are alike together or match them with the twin that is like their own twin (since they will have been used to that personality their whole life).

Which would you choose?

***Now of course we aren't being serious, it is just fun to think about. But they would have a really cool story to tell if it actually happened.

Day 49


  1. So funny... my first thought was "Hosea needs to be with Camille because they have similar scars!" These are great pictures though... all four are so cute!

  2. ..match them with the twin that is like their twin.. or maybe let them choose, but just between those two of course :)

  3. Love it! Such a cute read :) Jill

  4. Well whichever way you do it they are gonna have red-headed babies... Good stuff. -Judah

  5. Oh my! I think those are 4 of the cutest kids ever!


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