Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What SHE Wore Wednesday

Today she spent most of the day in her pajamas as it was another snow day, and then we went out and played in the snow for all of ohhh maybe 3 minutes, and then she got dressed. At first she put on what she wore last Wednesday, and I have to admit I did ask her to please put something else on so that my blog wouldn't be too boring, and she obliged. Even though I am trying to let her pick her own outfits, at least on Wednesdays.

Owl shirt from Target
Blue Sparkle Headband from Justice

striped leggings from JC Penny's (? actually those are pretty old and I don't remember)

Did you or your little one wear something fun today?

and here is the P.O.T.D. from the one minute that the babies went outside today.

Day 33

(can you guess who this is, don't let the color fool you)

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