Saturday, February 5, 2011

Showers of Love

After a hellacious day yesterday trying to get to the airport and then trying to get to DC

After a few cancelled flights, and a few delays

This little bug made it all worthwhile

Today was spent celebrating this little life with my sister and a large handful of her friends

Today was her baby shower. What a nice concept of being able to actually hold and love on the baby you are showering with gifts and love.

Without much of an agenda just to hold, squeeze and love on the newest member of the family things are so very peaceful around her.

So refreshing to just be, with the only thing that you “need” to do being to hold a precious little angel

If you'll excuse me I'm going to get back to... doing... ummm... nothing ..

Day 36


  1. Awesome! It's so nice to get away and just do nothing! I got to do that a couple months ago... just snuggle with my friend's newborn... I loved EVERY moment of it! Have fun!

  2. p.s.... you should call cathey capozziello while you're there!! lol

  3. She is beautiful! I am so happy you made it there!!

  4. So awesome that you were able to make the trip. Be safe coming home!


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