Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What SHE Wore Wednesday {V-Week Edition}

<3 Valentine's Week Edition <3

After being out of school for two weeks, and then going back to school on V-day, we weren't sure when the school parties would be held. So Avrah wore her pretty new V-day dress on Monday. But at one school her party was today and at the other they pushed it till Friday. While the older boys had their parties on Monday.

On to today.

Purple Xhilaration ruffle dress and cream with pink polk-a-dots leggings 
both from Target

paired with pink and grey XOXO's socks and her black and pink Pumas

and what outfit would be complete without hair accessories.

Pink bow AND her "heart lady bug" headband (also from Target)

and if you want to join me in W.S.W.W.  then make sure to put your blog link in my comments so I can come see what your Cutie wore today.

Day 47


  1. You saw what my cutie wore today on my blog ... but in case anyone else wants to see my cutie:

  2. I'm scared to do WSWW- if I don't get them dressed before I leave for work- there's no telling what she'll be in when I get home! Yesterday she had on a cute outfit, but only one pigtail made it through the day and apparently she had spilled banana smoothie on her head early on...she was still sticky! Ugh!

    Your cutie has such a fun sense of style! Cute!

  3. Nes~you could always do a "What he put her in Wednesday" until she can dress herself..that would probably be even more hysterical!

  4. lol Martha- you're probably right. That or What He Did With Her Hair! Poor baby!

  5. So cute!
    I didn't get a picture today but it was aqua tights, brown Ugg type boots, and a black dance leotard with a skirt attached to it.

  6. Okay...I did What The Heck Is She Wearing Wednesday and I linked you. Here's my link: v=

    Ooh...maybe your followers will come read my blog? That would be cool!


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