Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Snow Day

Bet you didn't think you would hear from me today, did you?
February was escorted in by a HUMONGOUS snow storm.
I'm sure if you are on Facebook or Twitter and have any friends that live in the mid-west you have seen all the pictures of all the snow.
They cancelled everything on Monday night before the first drop of snow/rain/sleet.
And for good reason, the snow drifts come up over my windows.
Mr. Vargas dug out the front walk, but still we could not get the van out of the drive way.
AND since the temperature isn't suppose to be above freezing any time soon, it seems like we will be stuck at home for a couple more days.
So tomorrow my goal is to do some more homework (Comp I) and to do something fun with the kiddos, and take advantage of the time we are able to spend together, instead of dread it.

The last time we had a major snow storm I made the kids a treat,
frozen hot chocolate.
(maybe we will make some more of that tomorrow)
This time Mr. Vargas made us an adult treat
yum..ingredients...Snow, 'rita mix, and tequila!

Day 32


  1. Dude is determined to head your way today, we'll see if that happens


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