Monday, March 21, 2011

Something to Cry Over

They say not to cry over spilled milk...but what about spilled laundry detergent. More about that in a minute.

You know usually I enjoy Mondays, everybody is back in school and Mr. Vargas is back at work, and I have the house to myself for a bit. Call me weird but I also like to do laundry. I love the way that neatness and order just comes out of the chaos. It may not work that way for everyone, and I know my way doesn't fit for some people but for me I do all my clothes laundry- keep in mind that is 7 people with at least 7 outfits- in one day. I have figured out the math. Most of my mom friends tell me they do about 2-3 loads a day to stay on top of things. but that is like 12-21 loads of laundry.
But when I do it all in one day, I do between 7-10 loads.
I know this probably only works for me because I am a stay at home mom, but all I do on my laundry day is laundry. As soon as the dryer buzzes (mine actually it sings to me) I go right in and get it and fold it and put it away.

So by the end of every Monday the only dirty clothes in the house are what we are wearing. This makes me happy. Order out of Chaos.
So I usually heart Mondays.

Today--Not so much..

I could list for you all the ways that today went horribly wrong. but I won't, I'll just tell you one thing, it was really the icing on the Monday cake- so to speak.

So I'm sitting in the living room folding laundry and I hear this big crash come from my laundry room, and since I was the only person home and the dogs were outside.. I had a sneaking feeling I knew exactly what it was.

During the spin cycle the washer had shaken the detergent right off of it and onto the floor, and since you have to loosen the lid so that the nozzle will work right, well when it hits the floor that lid just pops right off.

I'd say over half that bottle ended up under/in front of/ between my washer and dryer and all over the vacuum which is stored between the two.

Oh did I mention it was a brand new, little over a gallon, $20 detergent. Yeah that is more than gas.

But my day did get better. The cowboys came in first place on this leg of the Amazing Race, so there ya go.

Day 80


  1. I LOVE the Cowboys! I thought they were out in like the first episode, so I haven't been watching! Ack!

    That sucks about the laundry detergent. It really is almost worth crying over!

  2. Awe- poor mommy. I would have cried too. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better. On the bright side- I bet your laundry room smells fresh and clean. ;)

  3. I actually like laundry too! Your kids must not have a "favorite" pair of pants that they have to wear every other day like mine! ;)

  4. Oh man that's sucks. Monday is my laundry day as well. I like the fresh start... What I DON'T like is the folding. I'm super impressed you get it all folded and put away!

  5. I can never work those types of detergent bottles. It always drips and gets sticky no matter how lose I make the other cap. Maybe you can show me how you do it.

  6. I think the real question we should be asking ourselves is what type of socio-economical system do we have in place that makes detergent more expensive than gas.

    But that does really suck.


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