Thursday, March 24, 2011

{embracing} me

Today I'm {embracing} myself.
Sound strange? Self centered? Conceited?
No that is what {embrace the camera} is all about. In case you never have been over to Emily's blog and read about it, it is about getting in the pictures.
Because my kids will one day want to see what I looked like when they were little.
 And that is why I get over all my self image issues and get in the pictures every week.

This morning the sun was out and shining, but don't let the sunshine and that t-shirt fool you, I was freezing!

This one Micah took. I love that it is all blurry.

Day 83


  1. perfect- you look beautiful. I can't figure out how to get my blog not to say Mark so sorry it's gotta be anonymous- Jill Gillen

  2. Rock on with embracing yourself! We need to do it more often!!!

    and ya for cheap or free tattoos!

  3. Great pictures- you're so pretty, nothing to have self image issues about! ;) Your kids will love this someday. <3 the blurry pic too. lol

  4. what an adorable family! Love the photos!

  5. You look fab. Why did we not do some "after" shots on Saturday?!! I was NOT thinking. But seriously... cute pics. And good for you=)

  6. You totally do NOT look like you had 5 little munchkins. By the way those are some extremely beautiful children you have made there!


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