Thursday, March 3, 2011

{Embracing} In The Kitchen

Today we {embraced} helpers

These two love to help me in the kitchen

especially Josiah,
 #1 on his list of things he wants to be when he grows up is a chef.
He is always talking about the restaurant we are going to open and what is going to be on its menu, if dinner is really good, he will ask "Will this be on our menu at our restaurant?" That is how I know he likes it.
If you have met Mr. Vargas you know this apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Wanna {embrace} with us or want to learn more about what it is and what it means?
Check out Emily's blog for all the details and join us next week
Day 62


  1. so fun!
    Mine love to help in the kitchen too!
    they asked me to put all our fave recipes in a binder to give them for their wedding gift ha ha! they are only 11 and 9!

  2. cute & fun! Love the embrace!

  3. Helpers are fun, but not always so helpful. lol Great pics!

  4. Great pics...I remember the days! :)

  5. super cute family:) And we love being in the kitchen together, too!! Love the time and craziness together as well as teaching my kids to bake:)

  6. I always enjoy seeing what you will {embrace} this week! Too cute to see them helping their momma!

  7. Love this! So much bonding can happen in the kitchen!


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