Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today was full of shopping with my VBF. Luckily it was mostly kid-free shopping which makes this mama VERY happy, and just a little bit less stressed.

Some of you  may not know, I don't like to shop. Shocking right a girl that doesn't like to shop. I like the idea of shopping, but the actual act of it, not so much. I don't mind trying clothes on, I've always liked that, well when I'm content with my weight anyway. It is the actual choosing and purchasing where I get to the part I don't like.
I don't like spending money, and especially not on clothes, for me.
For my kids I don't mind so much.

We are having family pictures taken on Saturday afternoon *please don't rain!*
and I am so excited because my friend Bethany is taking, and I have just loved all of her work so I know that she will get some good ones for us. You can check out some of her work here and I love her blog too

After shopping I spent a good portion of the day trying to get caught up on my Math homework, surgery put me a bit behind because I didn't work on it at all that week, and trying to do 2 weeks worth of MATH in 3 days is just silly. But I did have a nice conversation with a FB friend and a little distraction from one of my little men which made the time pass nicely.

For dinner we had a family date night with my VBF and her family at Top That Pizza, and as usual it was great. If you haven't heard of it, think Subway but pizza style, or go check it out for yourself at

Hope you had a great Friday

And yes I know this is a day late, but that just means you get to read two blogs from me today.. Lucky you.

Day 77
Their shirts say "I am not my brother" they are by far my favorite shirts, and they were made for them personally by my good friend Ashlee, you should check out her shop here

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