Friday, March 12, 2010


So I am on my way on a little mini vacation. To see some friends of
ours from army days, we haven't seen them in like 8 years. I will post
more about them another day.

Here is a picture of my leg from yesterday, 4 days after the accident.
When I took this picture I noticed another bruise down by my heel and
my ankle is all swollen. Lest you worry about me, let me just tell you
that I am fine, there is no pain unless something hits it (inevitable
with 5 kids). It hasn't slowed me down at all, the only thing it has
stoppede from doing is shred, but I have been out walking.


  1. It looks HORRIBLY painful... so glad it's not! Enjoy your mini-trip!

  2. So where are you on vacation? I am so jealous!

  3. youch! I'm glad it doesn't hurt much. Hope you have a great time with old friends!! Sometimes that's the best medicine ;)


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