Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guest Movie Review

Today I have two guest writers. We went to see “Diary of a wimpy kid” last night with the big boys and this is their review of the movie. They have read all 4 books and were so excited about the movie.

Here is their take on it.

JUDAH-Age 8 ½

It was good. It’s about this kid named Greg, for short but his real name is Gregory. The movie was about Greg surviving middle school. Rowley is Greg’s best friend Rowley is not really middle school ready, Greg tries to fix him. Greg breaks Rowley arm on accident and Rowley starts hanging out with Greg’s back up friend (it doesn’t tell you that in the movie but it does in the book). What was your favorite part of the movie? The best part of the movie was the end, when Patty secretly gets the cheese touch, it’s funny. Wait I forgot one thing, I also feel like Greg.


He (Greg) was in middle school, and his brother Rodrick told him all the things he needed to know about middles school, but Greg did all things that Rodrick told him not to do. Greg wanted to be famous. He wanted to get a job in middle school, he was a safety patrol, Gregory touched the cheese and Rowley ate the cheese. Who was Rowley? Rowley is Greg’s friend. They went up into Rodrick’s room which Rodrick told them not to. And they have a wii. Was Gregory a good friend? Gregory wasn’t a good friend in the middle, but he turned out to be a good friend in the end.
It was a great movie. I liked the part the part when Fregley showed his secret freckle. I liked the part where he chased him with the booger.

*italics are me


  1. That's a cute idea! I'm glad they liked it ;D

  2. good job guys. you sold me...i wanna see the movie!


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