Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Avrah's dream

"Mom, I had a funny dream last night."
"Oh yeah, what was it about?"
"You gave the dog my juice, and gave me water"

So that is what 3 year olds dream of.


  1. hahaha! that sounds more like a nightmare!

  2. LOL!! I love it. My three year old has dreamed of flamingos playing basketball in his room. (don't ask me?!)

  3. Well I guess her dreaming about it is acually better than what Taylor done the other evening. She had went "missing" for a few m inutes and I should have know when the house seemed extremely quiet that she was up to no good. I peaked around the corner where the dog cages are and she was just getting down on all fours and bending over the dogs water bowl to get a drink out of it like they do! I barely stopped her before she was face first slurping up water like a dog!


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