Wednesday, March 3, 2010

offering suggestions

Here is a blog I recently discovered that I absolutely love.

I’m not sure from whose blog I followed to get to it, or would it make more sense to say, I’m not sure where I found it? Well anyway you get the point.

She has beautiful children and she photographs them awesomely- for lack of a better word. I want to know why the pictures I take don’t come out half as good. Well actually I know why a) I do not have the right kind of camera b) I am not an artist/photographer. Which I am sure is why she has so many followers as well. Oh and speaking of followers if you are reading this on facebook, if you could just pop on over to my blog - click here- and do me a big gee golly favor by following me. Why? Oh I don’t know really, I just like to see who is reading it, makes me feel good as a “writer” to know that there is someone besides my loving husband who is reading these and thinks I should continue, even when I do nothing but talk about other people’s blogs.

Oh and to my faithful readers and comment posters, Thank You, you make my day. I live for the comments on my blogs…well ok “live for” may be a little extreme, but they make my day, and since I love reading comments on my blogs I have been trying really hard to put a comment on each blog that I read too. Because even though I feel foolish typing in my “I agree with you” or “OH wow that is so cleaver of you and cute” or whatever it is that I feel appropriate to tell the person that I have read their blog and it has entertained me in some way, I hope that maybe it might make their day, like some of your comments, dear reader, make my day.

So in short, read my blog, follow my blog and comment on my blog. Yes I am needy!


  1. And she also wants to get more followers than me (or than I have?). Sis, you should display your blogroll, so people can see whose blogs you're reading: ie, mine!
    The neediness must run in the family. I'm right there with you.
    Love you!

  2. PS- I also think it's totally unfair for people who are professional photographers to post pictures of their kids. It sets an unattainable standard for the rest of us. We start to think, "Come on kids, be cuter or more photogenic so I can be cool like so and so." You never see the pictures their grandmas take with cell phones, which are the only record most of the rest of us have!!

  3. I'll have to check out that blog. i love following blogs on a rabbit trail until i find a really cool and new one! man i wish everyone who stopped by my blog would follow or leave a comment!! i appreciate yours. ;)

  4. OH wow that is so cleaver of you and cute

  5. I added you to my blog roll! I didn't realize all the "notes" on facebook were your blog!! Takes me awhile....

  6. Totally understand the neediness too. I love to watch my blog stats and see how many hits there are and comments make my day too. Maybe it's a momma thing? It's not like the kids come up and say "Wow, Mom! You sure are witty and smart!" ;o)
    Love your blog. Always fun to see what you're up to.

  7. I'm with you...I love comments, but then I worry about commenting on others blogs--because I don't want to be too annoying to others. Your stories make me smile. :)

  8. I appreciate your comments on MY blog...ya know in case you were wonderin.
    Try cropping your pics to just a face and making it black and white. Does wonders no matter what kind of camera you have ;)


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