Monday, March 8, 2010


Judah: “Mom, I’m having issues”
Me: “What kind of issues”
Judah: “Well there is my knee issue, and my teeth issue, and my hands issues as you can see.”

Poor guy, he scraped his knee on Sunday, his back molars are coming in and now his hands are all chapped and dry, so he has issues.

I was asking the kids what the best part of their day had been; Josiah’s was that there was a new kid in his class.

Judah went bowling with his PE class today so I thought that may be his favorite part of his day, but he said no it wasn’t , because he lost the game. He also went to Jiu Jitsu today so I thought maybe that was, but no it wasn’t that either. So what did he decide was his favorite part? “The whole day”.
I love that kid.


  1. I love that kid, too. Please tell him his Antanna thinks he's amazing. Well, all of them are!

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  3. aw! sweet boy! I love the favorite part of the day question. The answers always surprise me!!


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