Saturday, March 6, 2010

I must have it!

What a busy Saturday. Pancake breakfast at the American Legion, then off to Pryor to spend some time with Grandma Dian up at her store. We had Subway for lunch and which brings me to the point of today’s blog. We recently bought some of these

This is on my *must have* list if you are pregnant with or have twins . Why? Because as your baby or babies get older and you go places, most people may have one high chair but they rarely have two, and if they happen to have two they probably have two babies that use them. My children also need to be sitting down and strapped in to eat; otherwise they roam around and just make a mess.

These particular ones fold up really small and fit into the stow-n-go compartments in our van. There are ones that fold down smaller but they don’t have trays and that is was really important to us.

These ARE my children!
We usually put these in chairs, but as you see on the floor works too.
Isn't this a great picture of Judah. He doesn't really photograph well so when I get a good one of him I have to show it off. This origianlly had the other two in it but they were both making strange faces. 


  1. Judah has GREAT hair!

    Another great thing about having them in your car is for restaurants...a lot of hole in the wall places only have ONE use to carry one with us at all times when Z was a baby, but now that we have so many kids we don't eat out much! lol

  2. oh, I beg to differ....I think Judah takes great pictures! :) Or maybe it's just the ones you post :D
    We have a travel highchair too because the germs on the restaurant ones gross me out (and the buckles are usually broken).

  3. We have those for our girls and that's all they use. We never bought high chairs. My mom and MIL also both bought two used ones for their houses. I agree. They are a must-have.


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