Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Three things you will almost always find on my kitchen table.

1) The trash can. The babies love to throw stuff away, sometimes stuff that isn’t necessarily trash. Also this keeps the dog out of it.

2) A chair. Judah does his homework in there so there is a chair but when he isn’t sitting in it, it has to be up on the table, otherwise the babies will push it over to the counters and get into things they shouldn’t.

3) The dog’s food and water. Once again things I cannot keep the babies hands out of.

What are your three things for Thursday?


  1. My three things on thursday would be
    1) Smashburger
    2)book store

  2. My constant yelling & freaking out seemed to do the trick for my girls staying out of the dogs bowls ;)

  3. So...the question is, do you want 3 random things? Or three things about Thursday? Here's my 3 random things: Three things you will almost always find in my purse:
    1.) Sandwich bag of baby wipes. They aren't just for tooshies!
    2.) Hairbrush. To tame all the flyaways!
    3.) Lotion. Cause you never know when dry skin will start driving you CRAZY!
    Here's my random 3 things about Thursdays:
    1.) My hubby is always tired & cranky b/c it's his hardest work day of the week
    2.)Normally the only day of the week that I have NOTHING going on!
    3.) It's a great day to stay up SUPER late to see the opening release of a new movie... or to run to the store to buy a newly released DVD!!

  4. I love this so much! Makes me feel so much better about all the crazy things I do to keep my girls from destroying the place!!

  5. That's awesome. :)
    three for Thursday:
    1. UNM LOBOS WON!!!!
    2. Took the kids to the park to ride their plastic autos..
    3. Made breakfast for dinner.


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