Monday, March 29, 2010

Starting off my birthday week with Sunday

This week I am celebrating my birthday. I am taking a friend’s approach and celebrating all week long. Every year we have is precious and special and not to be taken for granted. So we should take a week to celebrate that we have made it through one more. Right?

So I started celebrating last night. My best friend Ryan and I went on a girl’s night out. We went to Andales, then to Starbucks and then we drove around visiting all kinds of places that close early on a Sunday night, while we waited for it to be time for our movie. We went and saw “when in Rome”. Which is a typical chick flick, but we both thought it was very funny (mostly slap stick type stuff) and it had a great cast.

Before I went out with Ryan I went for a walk with my family and we went to this little park and I was able to play with my camera and try to take some art, these are the ones I liked the best. What do you think?

You can't tell, but Hosea is actually giving a Micah a push

I liked this one because it actually does have all 5 of the kids in it. (you have to look real close to see Micah)

It is hard to get a picture of this kid when he is not being goofy


He was so happy to be outside

Up close with Micah

Josiah king of the playground

my love and me

Which is your favorite and why?


  1. My favorite is me of course! No really my favorite is king of the playground because its very artistic and thats what you were going for. But really I dont think anyone in your family takes a bad picture.

  2. I like king of the playground! I love the sun coming through and the shadow look!

  3. I like you & Jeremy.... because we all know how awesomely gorgeous your kids are...we rarely see you and J together in's nice to see you two still so very in love!!! Happy birthday!

  4. You and Jeremy. Because of his facial hair. :-) Nah, because of what Rachel said.


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