Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine’s Day Craft 2

Rice krispies treat hearts on a stick.

I got this idea from my friend Jill too. She is so creative and I am such a thief.

Here is what I did.

Melt marshmallows and butter and then add some vanilla

Remove from heat and stir in rice krispies. I put them in a pan and let them cool a little while

Then dumped them on a sheet of wax paper, put another sheet on top of them and rolled them down a little bit thinner.
Then took a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out hearts.
Put some red sprinkles on a plate
Put a stick in the treats and then pressed them into the sprinkles

I didn’t really liked the way it looked with the stick in it, and since I rolled them a little too thin they didn’t really stay on the stick very well so I just stacked them off center and put them in a baggie and tied a cute ribbon in a bow.

I know you guys probably know how to make rice krispies treats and really don’t need me taking you through it step by step. I just think it is funny and hopefully you will be amused by it also.

On a side note Jill’s looked much better than mine do, and I’m sorry for butchering your craft Jill.

1 comment:

  1. i loved it! :)
    what a great idea. i'm totally a craft idea stealer too. i made the candy cane heart lollypops tonight...and will probably blog them hundreds of others i stole the idea from!!


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