Monday, February 15, 2010

Excited about laundry?

It's Monday and what do I do on Mondays. You guessed it laundry. Today I was actually excited about doing laundry. We got a new washer and dryer, and let me just say they were worth every single penny. They can hold so much more than my old ones that they saved me 3 loads. I did a load of 24 pairs of jeans. They also sing to you when you open the doors and when they get done, it is very cheery. So not only did I enjoy doing my laundry today I got it all done!

What’s that you say? You want to see which ones we got, well ok.

aren't they pretty

Oh and for dinner we had BLT egg bake, which is kind of like a quiche without the crust. Also it had no L in it, so that is a misleading name. It did have turkey bacon and tomato though and it was good. 4 ½ kid rating. I think the babies would have eaten it better but they had a sippy cup of milk right before dinner, so I think maybe they weren’t hungry.


  1. You know your all grown up when you drool over a washer and dryer! NICE!!

  2. I have a similar set and it does make it SO much easier to get the laundry done. You'll realize too (hopefully) that stains come out with less effort :D

  3. Wooooo hoo for a new set!! I'm sure you saw my new dryer post?! Well, we will get the new washer very soon as well. I know I have been all excited about doing laundry...except the folding part...still not loving that part. ;)


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