Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A coversation with You about wasted time

You: Hey Martha

Me: What’s up, You?

You: Well, I know how good you are at wasting time, so I thought I would get your advice on it.

Me: Oh yeah? I am good at it but there are so many different ways, could you be more specific?

You: Well sure, How bout on the internet? What are some of the web sites you like to go to to waste time

Me: That sure was a lot of “to”s in that sentence.

You: You are stalling just get on with it.

Me: Oh all right since you asked, here are some my top time wasting web sites. Enjoy your wasted time!

And of course the obvious your blogs that I posted about here

And Facebook.

Me: What are your favorite time wasting sites?


  1. why, oh why did you give me something funny to read? i don't have time for this...i should be in

  2. dude, i have been wasting wayyyy too much time on the internet...FB, Ravelry, blogger, and etsy

  3. i love your sense of humor, martha. :-)


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