Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And now to bed!

Today I took Avrah to school, went to the post office, went over to a sad friend's house and hopefully helped cheer her up a little bit. Came home, fed babies, played with babies, went and got Avrah from school, put babies down for nap, cleaned up house from babies, made dinner, took big boys to Jiu Jitsu, fed the babies and Avrah said dinner, Jeremy brought big boys home from Jiu Jitsu, and the big boys ate and changed, went to a life group meeting, fellowshipped, ate cheese cake and awesome guacamole, came home put the babies in bed, put the big kids in bed, and now blogging.

Thank you Babe, for cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. One of the many many reasons I am thankful for you!

Also found time in all that to do Shred and get caught up on Lost, but did not find time to study for my history test which I am taking on Friday. Tonight for dinner we had Chicken and broccoli bake with wild rice and cantaloupe. 2 kids ate it all, 1 kid ate the rice, and two kids ate the cantaloupe.

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