Thursday, February 4, 2010

Highs and Lows


Got to sleep in

Got to be lazy this morning

Got to eat lunch with my Babe and my Besty and her Dude

Got to study for my History test with my Besty

Got to make a great dinner* and eat it

Got great news from sister

Got to go to the Y and do Zumba

Got to read to the kids before they went to bed

Got the kitchen cleaned up


Didn’t get to do Shred

My Babe is sick

Did not make wise choices at lunch

Still not ready for my History test

Did not get to see my beautiful nephews today

Lost my temper with my children

Was rude to the nice nursery workers at the Y

*Dinner was Cinnamon and brown sugar pancakes with turkey bacon and we were supposed to have pears, but we ran out of time. 4 out of 5 kid rating. Strange because the one that threw them on the floor usually likes pancakes.


  1. i like this post, i like your honesty.

  2. I agree, nice honesty! Tomorrow is day 12 for me doing the Shred! This is the most exercise I have done in two years and it feels great!


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