Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bambi rule

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

That was going to be my whole blog for today, because that is what kind of day it has been. But then after dinner Jeremy told me to go play candy land with the Avrah and he would take care of the babies and clean up. Of course the big boys wanted to pay too. It was actually refreshing to just sit and play with them and see their joy in the simple game. It was neat to see how each of them played the game differently. Judah cared the most about winning, Josiah cared the most about everybody else playing the right way and staying on track, and Avrah didn’t seem to care about winning or losing just as long as she could finish. Whenever she would draw a card that had a little figure on it which usually helps you along in the game except when you have already passed it and then it sends you back, however the rules say that if you are a little kid you don’t have to go back, but every time she got one of those that would send her back I would tell her you don’t have to go back but she would anyway and do so happily. Josiah would then say “Avrah is making bad decisions.”


  1. Check out my blog. I gave you a blog award!

  2. This is so funny and I'm sure I will be in your place in no time at all! KIDS!!!


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