Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Craft #3

My version of this.

Heart shaped crayon valentines.

First I collected a bunch of old broken crayons, but since I usually throw them away when I find them laying around the house I really didn’t have that many broken ones, but I did have an old box of crayons and 3 new boxes so I used the old box, even though they were still in pretty good shape.
Then I peeled them all, a helpful tip here is that if you score them down the side with a razor or knife then the wrapper comes off pretty effortlessly.

Once I had a bowl of crayons, I cut them all up into pieces. (Others have used a pencil sharpener or a grater; I just used my knife and cutting board)
Then we filled up the heart shaped ice cube trays

Put them in the oven at 250 for 12-14 min
Took them out

Let them cool
Then we hot glued them to a piece of card stock and wrote “You color my world.”

I think the kids liked them.

Oh and on a side note look what came in the mail today!


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