Thursday, September 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Three Things Thursday

Today my three things are things that have been filling my head today.

1) Potty training twins is not really as fun as one would think it would be. Well actually it probably is as much fun as you think it is. Today Hosea and Micah wore their cloth diapers (when they wore anything) until nap time. In that time we only had 2 piddles on the floor, but not any in the potty. Until bath time when Hosea climbed out of the tub to sit on the potty and actually went!! It must be sinking in (hopefully)

2) Math. I’m trying to get all my math work that is due finished up. Every Monday we our work is due, it usually is about 3 small lessons and their quizzes and then every other Monday we have a practice test and the actual test due. I already had the lessons done for the 20th but I was working on the things that are due on the 27th because…

3) ONE WEEK TILL MEXICO!!! We are going to the Riviera Maya and staying at the Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa. Without the kids of course. We can’t wait.

What are your three things?


  1. 1: sibling rivalry starts much earlier than i ever imagined!

    2: ouch! my head hurts today :(

    3: 11 days til i am 33 years old!!


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