Saturday, September 11, 2010


We took the boys to get their hair cut today. Yes all of them. We are a little crazy we took all 5 kids with us, but decided not to get Avrah’s hair cut today.
This was not their first haircut, but it has been almost a year since they had had their hair cut, so we weren't sure how they would react. Hosea did wonderfully, he was a little nervous but just sat so still for the lady. Micah on the other had was not happy about the whole situation. I had to hold him on my lap and he whined and cried and protest the whole time. They had two different people cut their hair so of course they now have different hair, not much though Micah’s is just a little bit longer. One might think that getting their hair cut might make it easier to tell them apart, but it has not been the case.

Hosea’s face is a little bit rounder and Micah’s is a little bit slimmer. (For all of those who always ask how to tell them apart)

The BEFORE. In case you forgot what they looked like.
Hosea in Green, Micah in Yellow

with their hard earned suckers and balloons
Yes they do have matching bruises on their forhead, no I don't know how they got them
Look at those EYES!
Micah. Holy EYELASHES!
"I've had enough pictures for today!"
Cheezing it up for the camera
SO in sync with each other!


  1. omg! they are so grown up looking...their eyes just pop cute!!

  2. oh my gosh, I gasped when I saw all their hair was gone! I am dreading the day that we have to cut Trey's off ... it will be a while :) Anyhow, Hosea and Micah look like litle boys now, instead of babies. They are so handsome!

  3. awe! What big boys! Micah looks SO much like Judah in that last one of him alone. And I know you're their mama, but I don't see the rounder vs. slimmer face thing in the first pic :D They're so adorable!

  4. See, I think Micah looks more like Josiah, but maybe it is his attitude. They are both really gorgeous, and the bigger boys hair looks good, too!


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