Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

5 days in and I’ve already fallen of the blogging wagon.

Yesterday was so busy; we decided to have a Labor Day “potluck” style cook out

It was so much fun. We have a lot of friends that have many children; there were four families with five or more and four with two kids. We had a total of 36 kids at one time at our house.

Lucky for us we have a big back yard and the weather could not have been better.

Today we spent the day relaxing and doing pretty much nothing-well except for Mr. Vargas who went and mowed my mom’s lawn for her.

Tomorrow the younger three start school at Bethany Learning Center, they will be going Mon-Wed 9:30-12:30. I’m sure I will find plenty to do in my newly found “free” time!

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