Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Firsts

Today Avrah and Hosea and Micah started school.

Avrah has been going to the four year old program at the school her big brother’s go to, but it is only a half day program. We chose afternoon so that she would be able to go to her old school in the mornings with her little brothers.

The boys were a little apprehensive at first. They always have loved going in to the school and they usually just stop and play with the water fountain. But today they had to actually go in the class room. All the kids were sitting at the table playing with play dough. Hosea was fine and was ready to go in and have fun, but Micah realized right away that I was probably not going to be staying and he didn’t want to have any part of it. So I took them over to the table and started playing with the play dough with them. But as soon as I got up Micah started crying. I had to take Avrah to her class, so when I walked back by their class on my way out. Micah had stopped crying and one of the teacher’s was holding him and Hosea was happily playing.

They were both in great moods when I came to pick them up after lunch. The teacher didn’t exactly say they were “good” I think her exact words, when I asked if they had a good day, were “They sure are busy!”

I’m glad to not “have my hands full” for a couple hours of the day anyway.


  1. "They sure are busy"... hmmm wonder what that is code for.. buahahaha rofl... I am glad that Micah stopped crying quickly.. it is a good sign.

    Annie Sealy

  2. Cute pictures! It's cool that Avrah gets to go to school with ALL her brothers and gets to be the little sister one place and the big sister at the other. Please give them all kisses for me and tell them Aunt Anna is proud of them!


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