Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Solomon

3 years ago today my nephew Solomon Jordan Siegel was born.

My wonderful sister Anna beat me to the blog today, and of course she blogged about our nephew Solomon also. She is so much better at words than I am. So please go and read her blog.

We went to Solomon’s (Solo) birthday party yesterday. It was so much fun.

His mom made plain cupcakes and brought all kinds of goodies to decorate them.
She had Frosting in a can (I had no idea they made this!) and pretty much any kind of candy topping that one could imagine! The kids had a blast making a mess of the cupcakes.

Solomon really is a joy, he changes everyone he meets for the better.

Sweet Solo Kisses

If you follow me on Facebook then you probably have seen the video that I posted that his Papa (my brother Tim) made for him. If you haven’t seen it, then watch it.

For some reason I can't get it to post on my blog but you can go and watch it  here

Go here to read more about Solomon and if you feel so inclined please donate to his AWESOME school that he goes to. It is 100% paid for by donations. It is free for ALL of it's students and it receives NO money from the government!

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