Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage Sales and Greek Festival

We went to the Greek Holiday Festival today.

It was so much fun. There was good food, and drinks and desserts.

There was music, dancing, and beautiful weather. I could not have asked for a better day.

Here are some pictures of the kiddos sampling some yummy Greek desserts.

Judah enjoying a finikia

Avrah with her kourambiethes ( I think that means powdered sugar-J/K)

Josiah with the oh so yummy (I had one too) baklava

and Micah and Hosea with their Greek Orange aid and their koulourakia. I guess the sun was in Micah's eyes

I added this one, because I can't look at it without laughing. I think Micah thought that I was only taking a picture of Hosea and he wanted to be in it too, ( I was taking a picture of both of them!) and then the look on Hosea's face, like what is going on here!

Also earlier in the day we went garage saleing, it was the annual “Wolf Creek Neighborhood Garage Sale”. Which if you have ever been you know it is huge! We didn’t have much time because we wanted to get to the Greek Festival early so we didn’t go to many, but Mr. Vargas found a Ryobi radial arm saw for $40! And we found four wooden dining room chairs for $20, and if you have been to our house lately you know that for some reason (could it be the five kids) we were in need of new chairs. So Mr. Vargas decided that we would paint them and give them character, even though they really were fine how they were, so we let the kids pick a color of spray paint and are in the process of painting them. There will be after pictures to when they are finished, for some reason I did not get any before pictures.

What is the best thing you ever bought at a garage sale?


  1. I have never had much luck at garage sales. I wanted to go to the Wolf Creek one today but never made it out of my pjs.

  2. awe, we live right by the church!


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