Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Week

What a busy week we had this week.
Tuesday I thought was going to be a really busy day. Here is what I had planned, Big boys to school 8:30, (Take Avrah to Ryan's so she can take her to school at 9:30) at 8:35, WIC apt at 9, Dr.'s Apt. for babies at 10:45. Here is what really happened, everything went as scheduled until after the WIC class, it got over earlier then I expected and I made it all the way across town to the dr.'s apt at 10, I didn't want to wait in the car for 30 minutes so I took the boys to a close by park. Here are some pics of that.

it was cold and wet out but the boys got about 20 minutes of outside play time. Then we went back to the dr.'s office, went in got signed in, went to check, and then found out that no I didn't have an appointment on the 6th, it was actually on the 16th! GRR. So by this time the boys have missed their morning nap and my day is pretty much a bust, oh well at least we had a good time at the park. Oh and my friend Ryan brought me Bueno for lunch.
On Wednesday I had a play date with my twin mommy friends. We found this church playground that is fenced in and has big equipment for the big kids and little equipment for the little kids and also picnic tables, all inside the fence. It is so nice to not have to worry about one of your little ones escaping to the parking lot when you are busy with the other one. There were 5 mommies 2 of which had 4 of their children and the other 3 of us had only our babies. One momma left before I got my camera out. We sat all the babies down on our blankets all patched together to make one big spot for them and fed them their lunches, although I didn't get any pictures of this, it really was very cute. I did however get some pictures of them all playing together

From the front to the back. Darla's boys Ayden and Ashton. In the middle Dana's girls Maya and Camille (not sure which is which..sorry Dana if I'm wrong, but I think that Maya is inside with the two pigtails and Camille is out with just the one).  Big boys in the background Gavin (Dana's) and Zander (Rachel's). Rachel also had the only Boy/Girl twins Jonathan and Isabella there, but they are only 9 1/2 months and didn't get in the pictures somehow.
Rachel did however get a picture of us mommies trying to get those 6 babies to all look at us at the same time. Very comical.
Darla, Dana, Me

See the toy in this picture, See the steps/ladder that Darla is helping her son up. Micah was trying to climb up it and I guess he was going a little slower then usual, Hosea comes over and I thought he was going to push brother out of the way or try to climb under him or pull him down, but what he did was the sweetest thing I have ever seen, he reached down to Micah's foot and tried to give him a push up to help him climb up. It was the sweetest thing, and I didn't even recognize it at first. Dana pointed it out. It was so very sweet, I hope that kind of behavior continues.

On Saturday we went to the fair with Jeremy's Dad and Millie (Paw Paw and Memaw). We went first thing in the morning as soon as they opened it was great, a little chili out, but it was not busy at all so it worked out nicely. We saw all the exhibits, ate lots of yummy fair food, and rode rides.

 Hosea and Micah hanging out with MeMaw and Pawpaw while we rode rides (Thanks PawPaw and MeMaw)
                                                          Judah and Avrah on the bees
On the Swings, Judah was also on the swings but he was on the other side and we couldn't see him

Finally free of the stroller the little guys get to play!

From the top of the Ferris Wheel with Avrah!

We came home took a short nap and then we were off to dinner at a friends house. As we were leaving and getting into the van to go home josiah said "I sure am going to miss that guy." He is so funny. Tomorrow we are going to Shalomfest. Should be fun.

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  1. I love the picture at the's so fun!


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