Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and Ayla

Today we celebrated my favorite person in the world.

How did we celebrate him?

Oh we let him pick out, buy and cook his own lunch... no no it really was his idea.

He fixed one of my very favorite meals, which I guess is also one of his favorites too.

Steak with restaurant style baked potatoes

and then he took a three hour nap.

I think he had a great day, he was going to guest blog for me today and tell you all about it himself, but he is pretty worn out.


remember how I told you that my sister was coming to town

 and bringing her little rock star Ayla

My princess loved that there was finally another girl for her to play with

and turns out these guys LOVE babies!

and this is what happens when it's no longer their turn to hold Ayla


  1. Fun! Made me LOL! What exactly is a "restaurant style" potato? Ayla has gotten big...she's so cute!

  2. Fastest way to make Ayla look bigger....let a small child hold her :) So glad they got to see their cousin and make some memories. That last pic made me crack up. :)


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