Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spring Pictures-finally-

So it was brought to my attention that I had not posted any of the pictures that we had taken in March!

Wow how behind am I?

So here are my favorites

*you should be able to click on the pictures to make them bigger if you need to.







All together

All The Kiddos

Mr. Vargas with Boys

Mr. Vargas with all the littles

Did you make it to the end?

I know that is a lot of pictures.

There were just too many good ones not to post, and believe me this isn't all of them.. just my favorites.

These were taken by my friend over at The Good Life so go check her out and check out her Photography page and if she is ever in your area do not hesitate to book a session with her, she is AWESOME!

Which one is your favorite.. or if you are like me favorites?


  1. My favorite is of my two beautiful girls facing each other.

  2. You need to know that this was one of my all time favorite sessions. Seriously. I can't decide which is my favorite from the session... but the last one in the "all together" when everyone is doing their own thing absolutely CRACKS me up. You have SUCH a beautiful family!

    I'm so excited for our session in a few weeks!!!

  3. too many to pick a favorite, really. i love the band picture where Mr Vargas looks like he is cracking up behind you. the jumping one is really amazing. i like the railroad kiss where Avrah looks a little grumpy. and i love that first one under "All Together." really great!

  4. PS- this COULD be an embrace post, too... you still have time to link up.

  5. I LOVE the kiss on the railroad tracks...I think that's my favorite- shows that, in spite of the 5 littles, you still have the "fire" in love!!

  6. Those are awesome!! i just love all the curls!!

  7. my two favorites are the first one under "all together" and the one of all the kids jumping


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