Thursday, July 7, 2011

{embracing} Superheroes


So last week Mr. Vargas took all 5 kids to Hobby Lobby by himself... and found a huge amount of VBS crafts on sale...and he bought lot of them, actually that is an understatement...there is a reason he isn't really allowed to go to the store by himself.. I kid...kind of...


This morning we decided to make super hero masks

and the finished results

Judah AKA Sonic BOOM
Super Power:  Super Speed

Josiah AKA Firehose
Super Power: Shape Shifter

Avrah AKA ThunderGirl
Super Power: Thundering the Whole World

Super Power: FAST!

Super power: MAN!

Together THEY are the FAB 5!

OH and we CAN'T forget

Mr. Vargas AKA SuperDAD

Super Power: Being Awesome


  1. Haha! I love Micah's superpower. That's actually a lot harder than it looks, I've heard. :-)


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