Friday, June 17, 2011

Martha's Meandering Musings

If you are feeling claustrophobic in your house or room then clean it, nothing makes a room feel bigger than it being clean.

Conversation I actually had with my 3 year old
Me: Put your pants on
H: I can't
Me: Yes you can
H: No, I can't
Me: Yes you can, now put them on
H: No, I can't
Me: I know that you can you put them on this morning, please put them on
H: No, I can't do it.

Adding cream cheese to boxed macaroni and cheese makes all the difference in the world

I can clean 3 very dirty rooms by myself in the same amount of time it takes Mr. Vargas to clean 1 room with the help of 5 children.

My sister is coming to town tomorrow night and I'm really excited to see Ayla. Hopefully you will get to see some cute pictures.

I think little tiny boys running around in their underroos is the cutest thing EVER.

Oh and one of those tiny cute boys found the little hole in the front, and now is very obsessed with it. Which begs the question, what exactly are those little flaps for, and why in the world would they have them on tiny boy underwear?  AND does anybody know what it is called? I'm not so sure I like what Mr. Vargas called it.

Now it's your turn.. you tell me something random.


  1. What does Mr. Vargas call it?

  2. I agree that little boys in underwear are TOO/"TWO" cute! ;)

    If your children "help" Mr. V clean the way mine do....I can understand why you can clean 3 rooms to his 1!

    My something random...I am "potty training" (elimination communication)my newborn!


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