Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Cleaned out the fridge- apparently I couldn’t wait for Mr. Vargas to build a composter, and I started one in the veggie drawer. No fear it is all clean now.

2. Had friends over for dinner, but didn’t do any grocery shopping this week so we kind of threw it together, Mr. Vargas made Mexican inspired Asian chicken (chicken thighs w/ an Asian marinade that he made up, grilled…Mexican because he is.), white herbed beans (super yummy), and a broccoli slaw.

3. Big boys now know how to ride bikes without training wheels. Guess I just needed to find the right motivator. Their computer died a couple weeks ago, so I told them when they both learned to ride without training wheels we would buy them a new one. Didn’t take them too long after that. Oh and P.S. on this one Judah crashed tonight and has an awesome stomach wound now (nothing too major)

What are you three things?


  1. More friends huh? JK of course I am glad you a had a good day

  2. My three things are:
    1.)Went to the Pedi again about DP's ears...he has to get tubes.
    2.)The birthday party "stuff" arrived today and I am starting to get super excited about this party. I LOVE the cups/plates/napkins that I picked out!
    3.) My 81 year old grandmother finally got her OWN cell phone! (Shes been sharing my Papaw's but she is actually going to retire after next school year and said she will need a phone after that lol.)


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