Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mid Week Picnic In The Park

Today Avrah’s school had an “I love mom” program. They fed us a snack and all the classes sang little songs. Avrah did so well with her song she did all the motions and sang really loud too, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to have my stage fright. The principal read “I love you forever” and made all of us cry.

After that I met some friends across town at Woodward Park. It was so pretty outside, but since they had been there for a while they only stayed for a little bit longer and then left. Hosea, Micah and I enjoyed the weather and a little picnic. I loved being able to just let them run around in the grass and trees and watch the squirrels and birds, they stayed close by and didn’t try and run away and there was no playground equipment to chase them around and make sure they didn’t fall off of, and there weren’t’ any other kids around for them to fight with. It was perfect, and I was able to snap some pictures. These were Mr. Vargas' favorite of all the ones I took.





back and front

front and back

I have some great things coming up that I am really excited about; I’m doing a giveaway-more info on this on Friday! I am also going to be doing a blog swap with one of my other twin mommy friends. That should be really fun, look for that sometime next week.


  1. Great pictures! Sorry I missed the fun

  2. Awww! I miss our playdates! :( Can't wait to see what's to come!

  3. fun... wish i could've come too!

  4. it was fun walking through the gardens=) we'll have to do it agian soon....LOVE me some woodward park!!


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