Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, what a busy Saturday. This morning Mr. V. got up early and made biscuits and gravy, he used raw milk, and the butter made from raw milk. Let me just say they were awesome!

SEE don’t they look awesome!

5 minutes later, seriously.

After that he went to school and I cleaned the kitchen.

We met up at the Farmer’s market at noon. I’m not sure why but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take Leia (our huge standard poodle). Turns out if you go to the farmers market with 5 kids and a big dog, you become more of a spectacle than the farmer’s goods. I am serious we couldn’t look at anything or go anywhere in the first 5 minutes we were there because we were mobbed by this group of older ladies. Luckily I was in a good mood and very patiently (I thought) answered their questions.

“Yes they are boys”, “yes they are twins,” “Identical”, “ five of them” , “Yes just the one girl”, “no her hair isn’t very curly”, “She is a standard poodle”, “yes she does fit in nicely with our family with her curly hair”

Despite all that we were able to find some great stuff, I found some body scrub that smells delicious, Mr. Vargas bought some bread and onions and chives and chicken. The kids found the water fountain and even though it was a little rainy out they still played in the water.

After the Farmer’s Market we headed out to West Tulsa to get some more milk, unfortunately I had told the kids they would be able to see the cows, and the cows weren’t out, so they were sad about that, but it was a nice drive.
Look at that yummy cream on top!

We stopped at the Junkyard Dawg (a new hotdog shop) for lunch. Mr. Vargas is writing a review on his blog “The Happy Plate”, and that should be up in the next couple days, I’ll keep you posted.

We came home to rest for about an hour before we had to be at my cousin’s little girl’s birthday party at the little gym, it was a blast and the kids loved it.

Now everyone is cleaned, fed, and in bed asleep. And I am getting ready to enjoy some of my favorite B things. Blueray, Bar-b-que, and my Babe.

What did you do today?


  1. Thanks for the milk. I am going to go make butter in a minute. My day was just chaos as my living could account for. But I found the bottoms to that bathing suit for the bear not sure why I am proud of that. Now to put the kids to bed and try to make sense of my mess

  2. I didn't know OK was a place that raw milk was available. I'm so glad you found it! I have never tried raw milk butter. Sounds wonderful!! I can't imagine the questions you get. I get TONS of questions. And I only have 3. "Yes, they are ALL mine." :D

  3. Okay, the section about all the questions cracked me up. I feel your pain!



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