Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 things Thursday

Three things Thursday

I’ve been really busy lately. So my three things today are my three excuses for not blogging lately.

1. It is summer now, well at least in theory. All the kids are out of school, but for me that means we get busier. Where are these so called “dog days of summer”?

2. I am taking two summer classes; I thought that I was taking a “light” load. I am taking medieval history and biology, my biology class hasn’t started yet so I don’t know how hard that one will be but this history class is really taking it out of me. It is a fast track class and is only 4 weeks so that makes it a little bit harder. I think my new least favorite thing is writing essays from memory. However I aced my test I took today so yeah!

3. I’m too tired. More so then usual. I have been waking up at 5:30 in the morning so I can go run, before Jeremy leaves for his work out. So this makes me go to bed much earlier, and since I usually do the blogging at night after the kiddos go to bed, I just haven’t had it in me. But I will do better in June.

Those are my three things and here are some fun pictures from today.

These were from this today from our morning bike ride. So much fun now that everyone can "ride"




Micah and Hosea

What are your three things?


  1. Can I do 3 things friday? I am too tired to think

  2. I love family bike rides! Good for you in getting up SO stinkin early! That is dedication!!

  3. haha! hosea does NOT look happy! too cute!


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