Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning started way too early for me. I was up way too late last night, we went to an awesome dinner with the Mr. Vargas' Family to celebrate his dad's birthday. We left the kids at home and enjoyed an adult night out. After dinner we went to watch the UFC fight with a bunch of guys, this was why we were up so late. So this morning when 6:55 rolled around, my eyes were still glued shut. But my two older boys were so excited about Mother's Day, they just could not sleep in.

This is what I opened my eyes and saw my oldest son Judah holding and saying "Happy Mother's Day". That is honey bunches of oats and cheerios mixed together.  Such a sweet gesture. Then they gave me the cards they had made for me a school, very nice. Josiah's card said that I like to "play games on Facebook, and feed Leia." and he likes it when I "push him on the swing, and help him". I love that kid.

Oh and Judah gave me a "Coupond" for  "Josiah getting off of the computer". That is right folks Judah gave me a coupon for Josiah to do something for me. Is that administrative of him or what?

We went to my Mom's after church where my oldest brother had made us a feast of French toast made with homemade bread and fresh farm eggs and raw milk. He even had grass fed pork bacon and real maple syrup. I am not usually a fan of French toast, but let me tell you it was awesome. So thank you Judah for the great meal.

After we returned home we all took a little rest, and after everyone woke up we decided to go to "Pizza -A-GoGo" where Mr. Vargas' Mom met us for dinner. It is this nice little brick oven place out here in Broken Arrow. You can read Mr. Vargas' review of it over at The Happy Plate.
The big  boys wanted to see how the pizza was made so Judah went back to the back to ask if he could watch, and not only did they let them watch, they let Judah and Josiah make their own little pizza (and they wouldn't let us pay for it).
I love my family and what could be better than spending time with those you love on Mother's Day.


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