Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Morning Musings

I went upstairs hoping to have coffee with my mom.
what I found made me fall more in love with my Walter...
As I walked up the stairs I noticed the TV was on, but nobody was there watching.
I looked around for my mom and saw her in her bed asleep
at that time I realized that it was pretty early and this was her day off.
No problem, I thought , maybe I'll just pour myself a cup and wait for her.
I went into the coffee room, and I saw it.
Her cup of coffee with her cream already poured, all she needed was to add coffee.
Seeing this made my heart flutter and a small smile crept onto my face.
I poured my own coffee and went to sit down with my coffe and my book to wait.
As I set my coffee down I saw it.
A little dish of pills, some vitamin, some medicinal but there they sat, and this made my heart flip and my eyes water.
He had laid out her pills for her.
As I sat down I realized how much I love him.
Not for all that he has done for me, which if I did list would take days to read, but no.
I love him for how he loves her.
How he takes care of her.
Remember how I said the TV was on, it wasn't left on in haste, or forgetfullness.
My mom sometimes likes a little noise to sleep to.
He left it on.
In my mind, he wanted it to feel like he was just out in the living room watching TV, so that she could feel comforted and be able to stay asleep.
I think that what gets me the most and makes me love him that much more is:
these aren't a one time, or even an every once in a while thing.
This is Walter showing my mom he loves her, EVERY DAY, taking care of her the best he can.
Taking care of her is as natural as taking care of himself.

I love you Walter

 Thank you for taking care of her,

 so she can take care of the rest of us.


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