Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What She Wore Wednesday

What She Wore Wednesday


Today the princess is wearing:
Old Navy heart dress
pink leggings
Gymboree shirt jacket
Converse cheetah print tennis shoes

She is totally rocking it.

I love her style.

These two were looking way too handsome to not get some pictures in

Looking fly in their:

Crazy 8s collared shirt
The Children's Place sweater

Levi's Skinny Jeans
and of course
Chuck Taylor's by CONVERSE

Look at all that attitude!

And there is the band shot.


  1. it's like they're getting used to having professional pictures taken of them or something. :-) i love it! Great pictures!

  2. Very cute! Two of those pictures look just like Timmy! Crazy!

  3. Twins, how fun! What a couple of studs :) Love the attitude shot! I've started a Linky Party for children's fashion and would love for you to come link up:


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