Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in the ER

Yesterday was more eventful then most of my Mondays, the kids were out of school so I was prepared for a lazy day around the house knowing that I had to do laundry and at some point get out and get diapers. Well after the babies first feeding of the day I noticed that Micah was panting like a dog, he wasn't upset about it though and he really reminded me of a puppy that had been running around, just all smiles and if he had a tail I'm sure it would have been wagging. So I text Jeremy to tell him that Micah is breathing heavy and he says to call the Dr. so I do and they said if it has anything to do with breathing that I need to take him to the ER, so then I have to get everybody dressed and ready to go and find someone to watch the other 3.
My sister-in-law tells me I should take him to St. Francis because they have a pediatric ER and the wait won't be as long so even though that is on the other side of town I decide that is a good idea and so I go and pick up Jeremy from work and go to the ER, by the time we get to the ER Micah is asleep and not breathing hard at all, so I'm thinking am I doing this for nothing is it a false alarm, but he has had a cough for over a month so I figure it wouldn't hurt to get him checked out. We didn't have to wait very long at all the ped. ER didn't open till 11 so that was about all the waiting we had to do, then as soon as we got back there they gave him a chest x-ray and then the Dr came in a little later and said they were going to test him for RSV, which I don't know very much about except that it is very contagious and can be very dangerous for babies. So they came in to do the test for that and we have Hosea with us so I ask the nurse if we need to test Hosea for it too and she says no if Micah has it then so does Hosea..and there is no treatment for it because it is viral..So this gets me thinking oh great if they have it then everyone that they have come in contact with will have it or the potential to get it..mainly I was thinking of my little nephew Solomon who they were playing with on Sunday, he has Downs Syndrome and has an immune deficiency (that may not be right but I think that was what his mom said) I was more upset about the possibility of giving him RSV then either of my boys having it. We waited for about an hour for those results and they came back negative thank goodness but they did say he had two spots of pneumonia one on each side of his lungs. Who would of thought one could be so relieved and almost happy to get that as a diagnosis.

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