Friday, February 6, 2009

A few things that have been going on. Last Saturday my 7 year old Judah was in his first chess tournament. It was a Broken Arrow school wide event and it was broken down by grades, they had the K-2nd grade together, there were 60 of them so they broke them down into two classes A & B, Judah was in class A. The way it worked was that they played 5 games, I'm not real sure how it was decided who they would play against. Judah did really good he won two, lost two, and tied one. In the ranking he tied for 4th. He really had a good time. waiting for his turn to play. Josiah and Daddy playing. Judah has this puppy pillow thing that goes on the seat belt in the car for if they fall asleep, he doesn't use it anymore so it is more of a toy and it was in my room. Well Yesterday morning I was trying to sneak in some more sleep while the kids were playing, and Avrah comes in and sees the puppy pillow and asks if she can play with the "rabbit" and I told her sure but it wasn't a rabbit it was a puppy, she looked at me like I was crazy showed me the ears and said "not puppy, it's a rabbit" and I said I know it has floppy ears but it is a puppy look at its tale, she was not having this, she said again "not puppy, it's a rabbit", and not wanting to argue with a 2 year old anymore I said fine, and she left the room, only to return minutes later with a puppy toy and said this "this puppy." and off she went to play with the "rabbit" also I could here her going "rabbit rabbit" as if that is what a rabbit says when it hops (like a frog goes rib bit)so cute but I think I've created a monster. Her "rabbit" the puppy she brought to me to prove me wrong. Also Micah and Hosea are all over the place, Micah is officially crawling. Here's a video. Enjoy. Off to chase them now.

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