Tuesday, January 20, 2009

oh the comedy

Here is some fun stuff that happened this last week.

Anybody that knows my son Josiah (my 5 year old) knows how skinny he is, we have trouble finding pants that fit him, usually if they fit him in the waist they don't fit him in length.The adjustable elastic inside of jeans has been a lifesave. He also gets Judah's jeans after Judah grows out of them, which has been happening at an alarming rate recently. Well The other day he was wearing a pair and he kept having to hike them up so I was going to adjust the elastic but it was a pair that didn't have that so I decided to try and pin them, so I'm sitting in the hall floor--with him standing there and I've got the fabric all pinched up in my fingers getting ready to stick this big safety pin into them and he looks down and goes "Be careful mom don't hurt yourself"...Does this kid know me or what..

Another day

I was feeding the babies, the way I usually do this is I put Micah in the highchair..yes we have two but one is in the attic (if Jeremy waits long enough I will get it down myself). So for now I put Micah in the one high chair and Hosea in the bumbo on the table-not to fear I don't put him in until it is time to eat and then get him out first, Micah gets the high chair because he will NOT sit still in the bumbo, anyway I sit there between them and feed them out of two seperate bowls, well the other day Hosea was having a fit about something but Micah was actually eating so I gave Hosea his sippy cup-which he does not drink out of yet but just plays with- so I gave it to him to distract him, well Avrah was sitting at the table with us eating her breakfast too, and Hosea knocked the cup off his bumbo tray and onto the floor and right away Avrah says "NO Sir we do not throw cup on floor" and she gets up walks around to the other side of the table and pics it up off the floor and says it again "No sir we do NOT throw cup on floor" and gave it back to him...she is such a little mamma.

And that was going to be all I was going to write for today but while I was typing this an argument was happening in the other room between Avrah (2) and Josiah (5) don't know if any of you have experienced arguments at these ages they don't really make a lot of sense and usually Avrah just responds by saying the same thing over again only louder in this case from the other room this is what I could understand about the argument aparently something happened and the remote was knocked out of Josiah's hand and the batteries came out of it so he was telling her it was her fault and she was saying no but that was her only defense so then they were screaming at each other and I thought well any minute they will come in here and tell me about it but that didn't happen beceause Josiah said this " Avrah I'm not going to be your sister anymore." Her response. "NO".


  1. I was all set to just go back to facebook without leaving a comment and then you had to throw in that "sister" comment! That is hysterical! I love it! I should start to write down some of the funnier stuff that my kids say too. Would be nice to have a record of some of the causes of much laughter.

  2. brought laughing tears to my eyes!

  3. Avrah just cracks me up! I love it!


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