Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hosea and Micah

Soooo tomorrow is my Princess's birthday, and I just realized I hadn't blogged about Hosea and Micah's birthday yet...yeah such a bad blogger.. anyway. Here is their birthday blog. Enjoy


Already! Man that time just flies.

As is our birthday ritual I took the little guys 
(gee that isn't going to work for too much longer)
out to for birthday donuts for breakfast.

Micah chose Spider-man 
(they already started eating when I remembered to grab some pictures)

Hosea chose Hello Kitty

They both said they wanted to be power rangers when they grow up


Hosea wanted to be the green one 
Micah wanted to be the white one

Thank you Netflix for introducing shows that were on when I was a kid to my kids.

New things they have learned this year:

They started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in February

they have now earned two stripes on their belt.

Another thing that has happened this year, as their language skills have started to develop they refer to themselves as "we", even if only one of them is talking.
"We want to watch Power Rangers" 
"We want to have a snack"
One of them talks for both of them, it doesn't matter if the other is even in the room it is still "we", 
and when the other one is in the room, he never argues and says "no I don't"

They love to crack each other up, and as much as they fight and don't get along they can flip a switch from screaming to laughing instantly. These guys are truly clowns, they love to make people laugh.

I can not wait to see what new things this year has in store for them!

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  1. wonderful! the kids and the donuts look yummy!


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